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Image and video compression for wireless networks

Authors: Ho, Anh Tuy
Nguyen, Vinh An
Keywords: video compression;Image compression;wireless networks
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: H. : ĐHQGHN
Series/Report no.: Vol. 22;No. 1 (2006)
Abstract: The demands for transmission of image, video and multimedia over wireless networks are increasing very rapidly. The inherently characteristics of wireless medium as bandwidth narrowing, interferences and fading are big challenges. The traditional compression techniques can not adapt to this changes. In this paper, we will discuss of issues of using wavelet compression for image and video over wireless networks. This paper also introduces some change of wavelet parameters in order to improve quality of transmission image and video over wireless network conditions.
Description: p. 33-46
ISSN: 2588-1124
Appears in Collections:Mathematics and Physics

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